Choice of quality eMAR integrations

The future is now

The use of electronic medical and health records in long term care communities is no longer a trend, it’s a necessity. IPPC is integrated with an array of software providers. Don’t see our eMAR or eHR listed? There are too many to list. We will work to accommodate you.

The transition to electronic medication administration records is absolutely imperative in most communities. Including skilled nursing, assisted living environment and group homes. IPPC offers on-site and remote support to guarantee seamless transition from paper MARs.

eMar Integration

What makes us different?

Better Interfaces

IPPC uses a pharmacy software platform that is regarded as having the best interface in the industry. This allows IPPC to offer better integration than many of our competitors which translates into accurate data transmission. Because our pharmacy software has a highly sophisticated interface, using IPPC will save your nursing team time, frustration, and reduces potential errors. THIS IS A BIG DEAL.


Our team has years of experience helping facilities of all types choose and implement technology within their communities. This experience allows us to provide communities with the best eMAR/eHR experience.