Our wide range of packaging options

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Pouch packaging (TCGRx—Parata)

Pouch packaging offers a very simple 7, 14, 30 day multi or single unit dose packaging system which is useful for communities that are looking to reduce medication space and improve med pass efficiency.

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Blister Cards

Blister packs are very common and contain a monthly supply of medications and are packaged by drug. They are good for groups with frequent medication changes.

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Dispill (Synmed)

A 14 or 28 day multi-dose blister card. Each card is perforated which allows the card to serve as a medication cup allowing for easy transportation and is easily organized by time of day.


Unit Dose

A 30 day supply in easy open pouch packaging of a single medication.

Packaging Options to Meet Your Needs

The choice is yours

IPPC Pharmacy realizes that each facility has unique needs and operational processes. We customize our medication management solutions to meet your needs. Our choice of packaging offerings allows organizations to implement the solutions which can focus on ease of use, efficiency, or a higher degree of medication compliance. Our professional team will review your current processes and help you determine which packaging options, technology and other offerings would be best to help meet your overall objectives. We are committed to your success!


Special Circumstances

IPPC Pharmacy offers specialized services for situations that arise. For example, we offer packaging to address day programs, home on visit (HOV), and vacation packaging upon request. These customized services make a difference for our customers.

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