IPPC offers a wide variety of pharmaceutical packaging to allow your community the options and flexibility needed to provide the highest level of care to your resident.


IPPC offers 7 day multi-dose pouch packaging through TCGRx-Parata pouch package. This dispensing system offers unparalleled accuracy to more efficiently and quickly pass residents’ medications, allowing more time to dedicate to patient care and nursing.

DISPILL (Synmed)

DISPILL is a 14 day or 28 multi-dose blister card. Each individual blister is perforated, which allows the blister to serve as the medication cup and allows the patient to easily transport their medications if they travel outside the facility.

Unit Dose Boxes

A 30 day supply in easy open pouch packaging of a single medication.

Blister Cards

Most nurses are familiar with 30 day blister cards. We offer this tried and true system but can also include the image of the pill on the front of the card to further guarantee quality.