Clinical support by clinical pharmacists

Professional pharmacists work closely with facility staff to achieve positive outcomes.  They review prescribed orders, facility charting (both paper and electronic), medications and therapies to ensure regulatory compliance.  Our friendly pharmacists effectively review and communicate recommendations to facility clinical teams to help improve compliance in various ways and increase medication effectiveness.


Cost containment

Because we understand

IPPC’s dedicated staff of professional pharmacists and billing professionals work with organizations and individuals to reduce pharmaceutical costs by using less expensive generics and treatments while educating our customers on available programs while maintaining quality care.  Pharmacists also conduct medication therapy management services as determined by the insurance company to improve quality care while reducing costs.


IPPC Pharmacy Consulting Services

  • IPPC consultant pharmacists can provide customized consulting services to fit the needs of any facility
  • May provide recommendations at the request of the facility group
  • Review records and storage of medications
  • Provide customized services focusing on compliance and improving systems
  • Offer insightful recommendations on reducing costs